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Dog's Portrait

Derby City's Crossroads Animal Hospital



About our hospital!

This location has a veterinary clinic legacy of 35 years, through 4 different veterinarians!  Shari can tell you all about each one as she has been here as a groomer first, then a technician, from the beginning! We hope we can continue to serve this community for another 35 years!  This past year, the building has been remodeled for the first time, from the inside out!  We are proud of the results and would love to have you come by and show you around anytime!!


Dog's Portrait

Dental Care

Spay and Neuters

Vaccinations and Exams

Grey Kitten

General Surgery

Big Cat with Bandana

Internal Medicine



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We love our patients!


What Pet Owners Say

"So kind"

"Reasonably Priced"

"Excellent Care"

"They are so kind and willing to answer all the many questions of this new dog owner. I immediately knew this was the vet we were going to stay with!"

"Love the staff and the services. Reasonably priced as well"

"Awesome Vet, they take excellent care of your pets."

Samantha Alexander

Sarah Badgett

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